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MORE Mckenzies 400 – Video by 239 Films

MORE Mckenzies 400 –  Video by 239 Films

What an amazing race! Props to Cody and the MORE team, they’ve really raised the bar on what desert racing in Southern California should be. Well done guys, well done.

15 cars started.

With the infamous Steve Tyo behind the wheel, the Grinch found a rock on lap 1. Down, but not out.

Willard came in after lap 1 with the Precepts car about 1:30 behind followed by Mouldenhauer, Promer and the red white and blue Empire car. Those guys were all bunched together another minute behind Belk. WOW, pretty rad race. Mouldenhauer had an issue, down for a bit.

End of lap 2 – Belk starting to check out (but not by much) Willard chasing hard. Empire car looking good in 3rd. Solano in the 501 also looking good and steady in 4th, car looks really smooth for how fast they’re going. Grinch and Mouldenhauer going again. Mouldenhauer running fast! Promer still looking good.

Few guys obviously having a bad day at this point. The new Crumco car came limping by, loosing a $500 bet and barely finishing 1 lap. Allegedly blown motor, lame way to end a race in a new car. News that Lazenby has significant front end damage, broken spindle. Few other cars off the back and allegedly out for the day.

Lap 4 (I had to change a tire in the pit and missed my timing) but Belk, Willard, Promer, Mouldenhauer, Solano, Garavito, Spitz, Shelby Thompson all still running and anybodys game with 3 to go.

Lap 5 Promer got hosed, hit HARD by a class 1. Broke the valve cover on his ecotec, destroyed trans, broke engine mounts, what kind of lame o hits a 5 car in a 1 car? Bummer. From a strong 2nd place to Out. Mouldenhauer out. Belk and Willard pushing hard. Solano turned up the juice! Running a great SMART race and in now in 2nd on time and closing on Willard. Zac back up and running, probably a bit too far back to do anything significant, but threw down a few pretty quick laps, no surprise there either. If I can’t win, I’m gonna be the fastest car out there… gotta admire the dude. Garavito, Spits and Shelby still turning laps as well.

Lap 6 and 7 to the finish line. Belk about 12 minute lead. Solano still looking smooth and even faster in 2nd, Willard in 3rd, Garavito in 4th, Spitz in 5th.

75% attrition rate as the rest of the field would DNF.

Official Race Results *PDF Download

Check out this amazing video from Bobby and boys at 239 Films!