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MORE and SNORE officially accept class 5b rules

MORE and SNORE officially accept class 5b rules

It’s been a long road ladies and gentlemen, but the time has finally come. Things in the world of Class 5 Unlimited racing are changing. We have officially been accepted by both MORE and SNORE racing for the 2013 season.

First is MORE – They have accepted class 5B and it will run as it’s own class, so if anybody that is totally against it shows up and wants to race against themselves, they have that option. However, if WE as a group decide to run class 5B, there is potential BONUS MONEY on the line. If we get TEN cars to start the race, that’s an EXTRA $1,000 PER RACE on the line, on top of standard payback, on top of C5C sponsor prizes and cash. You’re talking about a few grand in cash and prizes for a win! If 15 cars show up, it’s $1,500 additional. That is FOR NOW. We are still working on getting extra sponsorship prize money on the line.

Second is SNORE – They have also accepted class 5B, however, we are trying to get everyone to run as a single class. They MAY be the first local socal organization to adopt the engine options directly into Class 5 Unlimited. Either way, we are going racing in 2013 and with the support from two of the largest offroad racing organizations in the country.

Please, let them know we appreciate their time and efforts to get our cars out there and racing, by SHOWING UP TO RACE!!!

If you have any questions or concerns, you know where to find me.