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Jakes Fabworks New Spindle Design

Jakes Fabworks New Spindle Design

Jake Johnson, the man behind Jakes Fabworks is known for making beam cars go fast, really fast. His work speaks for itself and the fabrication quality coming out of his shop in Anaheim, CA is extraordinary.

Recently the guys designed a new chassis specifically for Class 5 Unlimited. The chassis was completely engineered in CAD and laser cut, notched and bent before being assembled in their jig at the shop. The result is one of if not the best Class 5 chassis to date. It’s built to be light, fast and reliable.


Jake didn’t stop there, he was offered an opportunity to take over the newer designed trailing arms from Bandon and the crew down at Latest Concepts. The arms are essentially an updated version of the Foddrill we’ve all come to love, but with a one piece construction for superior strength and the ability to crack check the area where the Foddrills are known to crack and break as the it’s hidden under a seam. It goes without saying, Jake is fully on board with not only helping class 5 grow, but to thrive and continue to progress.


Fast forward a year, and Jake has now built 6 chassis for customers, 5 have been sold and 3 are currently racing. No surprise, they’re winning big races and are as fast as anything out there. You’d think he would be content, but his experience in building and helping teams race these cars and his tremendous amount of experience in class 12 he knew there was room for further improvement. Which brings us to the reason for this article, the new Jakes Fabworks Race Series VW Trailing Arm Spindle (Part# JFW-CL5-SU-00). They are truly, a game changer. The first thing you’ll notice are the massive 1.5″ COMH24T Uniballs in CNC’d uprights. The JF upright was drawn in Solidworks and CNC machined out of a solid chunk of 4130 Chromoly material. It is a billet part with a welded on steering arm. The steering arm location is in the same location as other brands of king pin style combo spindles.


As you continue looking, you’ll notice the spindle snout is a bolt on design, allowing rebuild-ability and optional choices. It has been designed to be able to use the traditional King Kong snout, or a vastly superior 2″ hollow snout for those that want to run a 33″ or larger tire. When paired up with the Jakes Trailing Arms, this is the ultimate setup for any beam style car and that’s just all there is to it. Not only are they stronger, they are also adjustable with the ability to adjust camber angle to suit track conditions; something that has been missing from the front end of any beam car. This allows a totally different setup from Vegas To Reno to a race like Rage At The River. It’s also easier to prep as you no longer need to adjust link pin tension, you just torque it and go! We’re impressed, and we know that you will be to.


For more information, contact Jake directly and he will answer any questions you might have.
Jakes Fabworks
(714) 803-7988

The Key Benefits:

  • Ability to adjust camber angle.
  • Less parts to maintain.
  • Larger 2” hollow snout for ultimate strength.
  • Two large 1.5” uniballs do the job of 2 link pin bushings and 2 needle bearings.
  • No more link pin bushings
  • No more expensive, unsealed needle bearings
  • No King Pins.
  • No more adjusting link pin tension. Just torque it and go.