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Coalition Rules

Welcome to the Class 5 Coalition Rules Page

Here you will find the specifics on how things will work within the Class 5 Coalition this year.

Race Selection: The races will be selected by popular vote. If you own a car, and are a current paid member you are eligible to vote. No other team members, co dogs, or partners get to vote. Just the primary owner of the car.

The Races: The top 4 races will be included in the schedule. Your top 3 finishes count towards the championship.

The Points:┬áPAY TO PLAY. If you don’t pay the C5C membership, you are not eligible for C5C points. However, the points are still based on total entries at a given race. If 10 people enter and only 1 person pays the C5C entry fee, and that person wins, he/she gets the points for a 10 person race. See the “race points schedule” – It’s similar to MORE with a few subtle changes.

The Fees: $100 Per calendar year