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Class 5b Is Here!

Class 5b Is Here!

If you would like to see BITD pick up class 5b, give Casey Folks a call. Let him know that you want to run in the Class 5 Coalition as a Class 5b. Let him know we aren’t looking to change the rules, but that we just want to run our own class. Currently, there is ONE Class 5 Unlimited running BITD. Give BITD a call, let them know what a horrible decision this was. (702) 457-5775

So what’s it all about? What are the rules? Why are we doing it? Who wants it? What promoters? What about my Type IV? Can I still race? How will you enforce the rules? Come on in and read up on the new and improved Class 5b rules and the reasons behind the new class.

Class 5b is all about a lot of things. It started with a simple request, “let us run more affordable, reliable, easier to maintain engine options”. Unfortunately that request was met with utter obstinacy. As desperately that  many wanted some modern engine options there were a few that were adamant that allowing anything other than VW engines would destroy Class 5. It seeded odd that people that didn’t race the class, didn’t own a car and were tragically misinformed seemed to feel so strongly about a class that was/is seeing an average of 2 cars per race. What ensued was a heated passionate debate on engine options, nostalgia and the class that we all love.  It quickly became clear that there would never be an agreement between the two sides; class5 unlimited would remain stagnant and very much “limited” in it’s engine options. However, all hope was not lost. The group of supporters came together and discussed alternative options to our request. It wasn’t long before the idea of “lets just start a new class” was tabled. After a bit of discussion it was an accepted idea and Class 5b was born.

So what are the rules? Pretty simple actually. Take class 5 unlimited, now allow any 4cyl production engine at 2.5L or less and up to 7,500 rpms into the mix. That’s it! We simply wanted a few new engine options, nothing else has changed.

OK, that’s cool, but why? The why is the most simple reason of all. It doesn’t take 20 years of racing experience to know a class is dead. When you show up to Baja and get excited because there is more than ONE car starting, it’s obvious that the class was not doing well. OK, but still you ask well why was the class dead. Everybody agrees that Baja Bugs are the coolest, or as some of the old farts would say “the bees knees”. Well, if you ask the guys that actually own and race these cars it just got too damn expensive, specifically in the engine department. It was now more affordable to go run an a arm class like class 10 or class 3000. It’s not uncommon for engine builds to cost around $13,000 with some of the top engines hitting over $30,000. They also require expensive routine maintenance in the thousands of dollars! As parts became harder to source it just added to the difficulty and inconvenience to run these old air cooled VW power plants. In a nutshell, the why is a very simple reason, it’s $.

There are now 29 of us that are in favor of these new engine options. All 29 own cars and have raced the class. Some are old school, some are new but all share the love of racing baja bugs and all feel that an engine block is not what defines the class. It’s the chassis, it’s the look, most importantly it’s the way they drive! It takes cajones to go fast in a 105″ beam car with over 200HP.

The biggest question is WHERE CAN WE RACE? Well, while we are making progress, I have to be honest and say that we have hit some roadblocks. While there is nothing IN the rule books yet, with the exception of BRT, the list of 29 that show up to race will all demand class5b! It’s through that collective effort that the class will gain traction. With the current state of racing, no promoter wants to turn valuable business away. BRT is the first organization to fully adopt the new rules straight into class 5. We are currently working with HDRA, MORE and SNORE for the class5b option. The only stone cold NO was from BITD. So, let me make it perfectly clear. WE, the Class 5 Coalition DO NOT and WILL NOT support BITD in any way, shape or form until they support us.

The good news is, your car is welcome to run our class, we are open, we are flexible, we do not discriminate. All existing class 5 unlimited cars are welcome to run in the class 5b races. Bring your fully built 3L Type IV package or your 2332 T1. We’re cool with it. As long as you have a 105″ wheelbase, a BEAM, and meet the engine rules, you can run with us. That settles that. Nothing obsolete here. JOIN US! Of course you can come race with us.

How will we enforce an RPM rule? Well, as you know, we can’t. It’s a gentlemen’s rule. I’m sure some ahole will push the limits and run at 8,500. The rule is to prevent a high rpm engine, we WILL hear a 9,000-10,000+ rpm engine vs 7,500. Nobody wants to get labeled a cheater and if you do get caught you loose your points and all your C5C bonus money. Bonus money??? Ooops, I’ve said too much. Stay tuned!

So again, if you love Baja bugs as much as we do come check it out. If you’ve got one on jack stands, pull it off, throw in an affordable ecotec or ford or subaru and come race with us. 2013 is going to be an amazing season of racing.