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About Us

What is the Class 5 Coalition all about? First and foremost it’s all about having an organized body that works to promote and grow Class 5 racing. We try to achieve this growth by organizing a Coalition Race Series that is a best 3 of 5 race series that anybody with a class 5 or class 5b race car can compete in. We also provide a forum that Baja enthusiasts and existing racers can meet up and discuss their cars, their engines and anything else Baja Bug related. We also provide insight to newcomers that may be looking to get into racing by providing in depth technical articles, build up articles, and race reports in an effort to share what an awesome experience it is, but also to give someone that’s never raced an idea of what to expect. The Class 5 Coalition is a essentially a tool, a tool that is designed from the ground up to get more people that love Baja Bugs RACING!

How does the Coalition work? Check out the Coalition Rules Page for detailed information. But basically, it’s a 3 of 4 race series for Class 5 cars to run. We offer FREE PIT SUPPORT to all members at all C5C races. We also work directly with promoters and sponsors to raise additional contingency winnings.

How do I get involved? First and foremost, sign up to be a member today! We now offer two levels of membership. The first is a RACER MEMBERSHIP which gets you entered into the points system for the Class 5 Coalition Championship. It also gets you free pit support, a tshirt, race stickers, a TEAM PAGE on the C5C website and a few other perks. For 2014 we are now also offering a SUPPORT MEMBERSHIP for anybody that wants be part of the coalition. This membership also includes a Tshirt and C5C stickers.

I also suggest getting on the forum and introducing yourself. Then take a look at the race schedule. Then, COME RACE!  Any of us would be more than happy to be your guide for your first race. It can be a bit overwhelming. You have to register, get your bands, get your car tech inspected. Having an experienced racer to help you through that process the first time makes it fun rather than stressful. The C5C people are here to help you get involved in racing. We will go out of our way to make sure you have fun, and stay safe! For the more experienced racers, we invite you to become more involved to help some of these new guys that are looking at the class. If you love and care about Class 5, then please, get involved and help us grow the class!



So please click around and enjoy what the site has to offer. If you have any questions or want to learn more there is an awesome forum with a link located in the top menu.