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2016 BITD MINT 400 – Registration

2016 BITD MINT 400 – Registration

Attention all class 5 coalition racers – URGENT INFORMATION

Registration for the 2016 BITD MINT 400 is limited to 300 total entries. People that raced last will receive entry forms a WEEK before registration will open to the public. That said, THIS RACE WILL SELL OUT. Don’t be the guy left on the side lines kickin rocks sittin on a cactus. There won’t be anything we can do to help you at that point.

SO… here is the deal.

You need to start checking the BITD Website the morning of January 25th. That’s the best information I could get. I was not given a solid date or time, only that it will be around then. Information will show at this link, remember to click refresh if you go ahead of time.



  • Entries will be prioritized by POST DATE – DO NOT.. read it again… DO NOT … DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT fax or email your entry. You must mail it in. If you fax or email, you ain’t racin. (don’t whine, I don’t care and neither does your mom)
  • $300 Deposit MUST BE SENT WITH ENTRY. If you don’t send the $300 deposit, you ain’t racin. (don’t whine, I don’t care and neither does your mom)
  • Be aware of new BITD Rules regarding FIRE Equipment and fueling equipment. You MUST have 2 20lb ABC fire extinguishers anywhere you plan to fuel the car. You must have a ground barrier under the car and you must have a “catch can” under the overflow vent of your cell capable of holding 4 gallons. There WILL BE PENALTIES if you break any of these rules. (don’t whine, I don’t care and neither does your mom) –
  • If you need extinguishers, I have a hookup. Call Johnny at 562-761-8281 and tell em Wheezy sent ya. The 20lb ABC extinguishers are $125 each and they will offer free delivery in OC and some parts of the IE.
  • January 25 start checking the homepage.
  • If you don’t make the list… (don’t whine, I don’t care and neither does your mom)